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shielding studied in pubmed paper

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Interesting recognition of EHS, EMR dangers and shielding in a pubmed research paper   Unfortunately full access to the paper is not provided.  Check out also the similar articles links in the side bar.



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Here is another link with slightly more information.

In real life circumstances, I have never heard of EHS being made worse by typically applied metal shielding. Another questionable premise is that natural EMF's are thereby excluded. In fact, the most significant biologically are far too low in frequency to be blocked by this means. Furthermore, there would be no disadvantage if they were since they are already outweighed in most localities by electro-polluting signals of exponentially greater magnitude.

The authors appear to be aiming for conclusions that promote reintroduction into living spaces of Schumann-type Earth resonances. While there is evidence devices capable of doing so may be beneficial as an adjunct, I fail to see any justification specific to the proffered shortcomings of RF shielding.


You are not alone. According to experts, over 35% of the world’s population feels some form of unwanted reaction to EMR exposure. Additionally, everyone is susceptible to induced biological abnormalities that may not manifest perceptibly for years or even decades.