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The Value of Earthi...
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The Value of Earthing

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Congratulations on a well-designed and much needed website. I hope it will help persons affected by EMR to join forces and find practical solutions.

Here is one worth considering. As a result of encountering EMR, the body accumulates a measurable electric voltage that can disrupt cellular and metabolic processes. Most "at risk" are individuals who find themselves physically isolated from the Earth's surface. For example, those who spend time on synthetic carpet, wear rubber soled shoes, etc. Simple methods to dissipate the resulting charge include walking barefoot on natural ground (preferably moist), showering or swimming.

I believe getting back in touch with the planet, literally, is a significant part of our healing journey. It costs nothing and you do not have to look far to find it.

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The first time I tried 'natural' earthing, ie the ground, not earthing products, I was amazed at the improvement in my well being.  But this required me to sleep on the grass all night; not practical long term.  I believe you need to earth for at least half an hour to derive benefit. 

I do wonder sometimes if it is possible that we are turning ourselves into earthing rods/antennae for radiation to travel along.  If I were to earth in a high EMR area, might I be undoing the benefits because I am attracting EMR and acting as the path to ground?  Has anyone had a negative experience of this and felt themselves being used as an earthing rod?

I caution people against using earthing products, as everyone I have discussed this with says that the products made matters worse, or at a minimum, no better.  It seems that if you earth to a power outlet, the voltages running on the household wiring travel up into the earthing product.  But I had the same result when earthing to the stake you can buy.  Maybe others wouldn't have this problem because they don't have the high levels of ground current that I have.  If you must try earthing products then I suggest you start with something cheap like the wrist bands or the small earthing mat that could be repurposed for use under your laptop computer.

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Thanks for these comments. In my personal non-technical experience I can vouch for the positive effect of taking a long whole-body shower in reducing the effects of an MRI - as soon as possible after the exposure. I "twigged" to this from my own sensations the first time; the second time I did the showering immediately not after several hours and had an even better result (still some effects but much more minor). Also to the negative effects of using hand held meters in measuring fields. I still use them to assess areas I have to use, but believe in some way unknown to me they are directing the field through my body in the course of the measurement, more than just standing in the field does. 

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good advice here the mains earth rod is very dirty. make your own earth rod as far away as possible from the power meter, otherwise your protection surfaces will be resonating with a very intense 50HZ and everything else that finds its way into the power lines. also keep in mind that every bare metallic component of wall plugs, light switches and electrical hardware are all resonating whether turned off or on. consider shielding or some type of insulation of bare metal


You are not alone. According to experts, over 35% of the world’s population feels some form of unwanted reaction to EMR exposure. Additionally, everyone is susceptible to induced biological abnormalities that may not manifest perceptibly for years or even decades.