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5G apocalypse film  


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04/04/2019 9:33 am  

There is a new documentary about 5G titled '5G apocalypse- the extinction event' available for free viewing at   Australia gets a brief mention a few times.  It does a good job of making FCC staff look ignorant and disinterested in the dangers of 5G and also hell-bent on quickly rolling it out regardless.

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10/04/2019 8:20 am  

It is an awesome doco, congratulations to the producer Sacha Stone.  I am watching now an interview with Sacha Stone by Simon Parkes. 58 mins but has lots more info about this proposed global disaster

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22/05/2019 3:47 pm  

Just found an even better one on 5G

Arthur Firstenberg - 5G, Birds, Bees, and Humanity

So incredibly powerful ..... wow....


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